Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What are 1st & 2nd graders interested in right now?

Drawings and sculptures of Despicable Me and Minecraft seem to be showing up in the art room!

Minion goggles

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Making with Preschool & Kindergarten

This week the Kindergarten & Preschool classes were taught how to make books! 

Both classes had previously made 'cover art' in the form of collage and paintings, which we then used for the covers of the books! The Kindergarten classes focused on creating their names with pastels, collage materials, paint and crayons. While the preschool classes used their paste paper mono-prints as their covers. 

We started with making the holes in our books so we would have a guide for where to sew, then each student got a needle and yarn and the sewing began!  

After the students finished their books they had enough time to color in them. Some students said they were going to use their book as a picture book, others said a story book and some even said a comic book! Here are some of the finished books: