Monday, March 3, 2014

Historic Buildings in Waterbury, VT – Art, Writing, and History - A Book Project

About the Project:
Students in Camille Anderson's 4th grade class and Chris Costello's 3rd grade class will be working on a book of historic buildings in Waterbury. Thanks to Elise Braun of the Susan Sebastian Foundation, a book of Waterbury buildings will be published in the fall of 2014. Students will research the history of these buildings and write about their findings for this book. Nancy Daigle, TBPS librarian and MK Monley, TBPS art teacher have been collaborating with these teachers for this project.

Taking Photos
 About the Art:
Students took a walking field-trip into town and photographed the buildings they will research. Consideration was given to point of view in the photos and in choosing a line of sight that picks up the character of the buildings. The images selected to print took into consideration unique angles that removed the visual distraction of the electrical wires.
Outlining with glue - the practice images.

The selected images were printed and then enlarged on the photocopy machine. Students first practiced on a small detailed shot to learn about the technique of chalk pastel and glue drawings.
After the outlining is complete, the glue must dry before working with the pastels.

Students worked in pairs on the finished pieces.

Working with the pastels.

By using the actual photos, perspective and proportion remain intact giving a realistic representation of the buildings. It is through the lens of the camera in addition to the use of the pastels that allows for the students' interpretation of the buildings.
The finished pieces.

About the Writing:
Stay tuned for more detailed information. We'll keep you posted.

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