Thursday, October 22, 2015

Create Make and Learn Summer Course Leads to Excitement and Engagement

What happens when an art teacher takes a Maker's class? We get jazzed about circuitry. Instructor Jill Dawson helped me lead students through a paper circuitry lesson using copper tape, LED lights and batteries. Students were excited to make a simple circuit design that they could light up and take home. Many students asked about using these supplies in their regular art making. Others wanted to know where I got them so that they could get some to use at home. Our next task will be using these skills to add lights to our lanterns for the 6th annual River of Light Parade. This year's theme is BUGS. Can't wait to see what the students will do with them.

Jill Dawson demonstrating a simple circuit.
Students figure out how to make their bulb light up with just a battery.

Working with copper tape.
More copper tape work.
All sorts of creatures came to life with lights.
Hard at work.

A two headed monster.
A cyclops? A scuba diver?