Monday, September 26, 2016

Artists Observe

During the two weeks that students were learning about biking skills in PE, they were learning about observation skills in art. Artists observe and notice details they wouldn't necessarily notice unless they were looking closely. Like any skill, if you want to get better at it, you need to practice. This holds true for drawing!

Artists also observe when painting. This student wanted to make a replica of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. This was something she did entirely on her own, driven by her interest. That's one thing I love about choice-based art! That students can learn based on their individual interests is key to their engagement in their own learning!

Monday, September 12, 2016

What Do Artists Do?

On the first day of art for my classes this year, I asked the students to answer the question "What do artists do?". It is refreshing to see what art looks like from the perspective of children. I think that the importance of student voice and introspection cannot be overstated. What do artists do? 
Here are some of their answers:

 They have fun!



 They Paint 

Mixing paint to match the color of the flowers.

They Build

Architecture Legos - Thanks to Across Roads!
Magnetic Tiles - Thanks to Across Roads!
Zoobs! Thanks to Across Roads!

They never stop working and Try their best. They Persevere - don’t give up. they Try their hardest - and look for challenges 
They Create,Draw, Sketch

They Create things with their heart.

Make stuff - cool things, awesome things, art, sculptures, treasures out of trash, art out of recycling

 Take chances
Take risks -  Experiment - They are flexible 

Think, Focus, Pay close attention
They Believe in themselves.
Have an open mindset
Wonder out loud
Make things come to life.
They Interest people in their art. 
Do lots of art skills.  
Customize stuff. 
Create something that has never been used in the world before.
Imagine something they love and draw it through and see how it turns out.
See things other people don’t.
Make people LAUGH!
Have inspirational ideas.
Have passion in their art. Express themselves and their passions.
Artists are COOL and AWESOME!
They follow their dreams!