Monday, October 24, 2016

Working on Arts Integration at TBPS

This summer, a team from TBPS attended the Creative Schools Initiative, Arts Integration course. We will be working with master puppeteer, Barbara Paulson throughout the year to address the transferable skill of Responsible and Involved Citizenship.  It's very exiting! For our essential question we are pondering:

What would happen if the kids were in charge?

Students in Pattie Casari's class designed and executed finger puppets as a precursor to 
working with Barbara Paulson in January.

Students in Adrienne Magida's first and second grade class made hand puppets to go along 
with the fairy tales they have been learning about.

A Great First Attempt
Students in Camille Anderson's 4th grade class designed a variety of puppet styles, but the most popular attempt was the marionette! We're looking forward to the expertise of Barbara Paulson to lead us through the craft of puppet making!